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Conveyancing Questions and Answers FAQ's 

1) Find your residential transaction conveyancing answers by using the Local conveyancing directory or visit the conveyancing news section on this website.

2) Find out why in some case you should extend your lease on leasehold properties, especially if you are selling and buying properties.

3) If you are in a strong position and you want to plan ahead then using our online directory will help you understand the true expenditure involved.

4) Follow a proven procedure when comparing fixed costs. Ask yourself can you really compare, you can with us!

5) Quite simply in a few seconds you can find the best deal covering both national and local Solicitors to determine your affordable property mover service.

6) Why you should get to grips with your property purchase costs before instructing an expert. Formulate a fixed moving costs budget and stick to it.

7) Looking for a helpful moving guide, just click the link and you can quickly calculate your legal fees and disbursements.

8) Unsure if social distancing will cause havoc with your plan to instruct locally, don't worry a national Solicitor can be considered and you may save money.

9) Why a conveyancing comparison will save you time and money, taking out the hassle factor on who to choose online, and by when so that you do reduce the risk of a failed transaction.

10) Can additional properties be a stable investment

11) Does buying with cash make sense when interest rates are so low?

12) Are all Property Conveyancing Solicitors approved and who regulates them?

13) Where were the new build development Hotspots in 2016?

14) Why take a chance on which legal route to take?

15) Choosing the right Conveyancer which delivers fast is a priority under UK law

16) Will conveyancing fees and disbursements increase over time?

17) Why do Mortgage Lenders make such a difference when managing risk?

18) Does Homebuyer Conveyancing manage available capacity?

19) Do I need to enter my personal details to find out the cost of conveyancing?

20) Can bargains can be sourced using off-plan property?

21) Are reviews worthwhile when choosing a Solicitor since they are regulated?

22) What is conveyancing and is the finder calculator operational 24/7?

23) Why is conveyancing choice relevant over using an Estate Agent recommendation?

24) Are cheap moving legals the best bet?

25) Can you get in touch with a Solicitor easily? 

26) Which Conveyancer is best suited to your needs?

27) Can Developers get control of their property conveyancing?

28) How do you get connected quickly and efficiently online to get a great deal? 

29) Can you help in finding a Mortgage Broker and do the provide a mortgage reckoner? and then do I come back to get quotes on conveyancing?

30) Can we find a local Property Lawyer even though we are selling our property using an online portal with totally moving?

31) Is the Conveyancer finder service FREE?

32) Does your system cover moving and remortgaging UK residential property? 

33) How long is your Moving house conveyancing quote valid for?

34) Can the online quotes be trusted upon and do they provide any other protection should my house purchase fail? 

35) I want to move house but I do not understand what is involved, can you help?

36) Why are your conveyancing moving costs so cheap?

37) Do you provide for UK Conveyancing only?

38) I could do with an affordability check before I consider moving. Are all brokers whole of market?


The bottom line is to move house with a Homebuyer expert and plan your costs online using the fixed fee calculator quotation.

Our UK Property Solicitors members have all advised which Lenders they can act for so you can stipulate by loan provider, which Solicitor to nominate.

We help you to make your move using a local professional or national, the choice is yours. 

You can of course always call on 0345 463 7664 to discuss your specific property requirements



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The Homebuyer Conveyancing panel provides you with the conveyancing calculation search filters to match your specific legal needs, when it comes to selling, buying and remortgaging residential property or buy to let investments. Our Lender Conveyancing Solicitors panel cover England and Wales. Your remortgage, sale and purchase conveyancing prices are fully itemised. No hidden extras. Free No Obligation Advice

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  • Homebuyers can add the Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance

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