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Property Conveyancing Top Tips Guide | Homebuyer Conveyancing

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Want to move fast into your new home? My property conveyancing guide will help you understand whats involved. Top Tips to help you.

My Property Conveyancing Guide

We can guide you to find your best value Property Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer.

1) Can you estimate what your property will sell for? Selling guide price

2) Do you know what you can afford and what value of property you can comfortably purchase? Purchase guide price

3) The two questions are the core questions that you need to answer before you can start to budget for your conveyancing costs.

Top Tip

Ask your local Estate Agent if they were to market your property, what would be the headline selling price. Consider getting a second opinion.

Now you can answer the first question. You can check what your Estate Agent has said by using the internet and searching for properties in your area that provide the same living space, bedrooms and are near to your amenities.

1) To do this visit Zoopla or Rightmove. 

Enter the headline selling price that was supplied to you by your Estate Agent and then enter your town. You will now be presented with many properties.

2) Do you see any properties that are like yours?

3) What price is the property that you have spotted?

If you cannot find a property that is similar to your own then you may need to extend the location search or possibly increase the price search.

Mortgage Adviser

To understand your affordability you need to spend some time answering a few questions that form part of a Mortgage Market Review with a Mortgage Adviser.

1) Find a Mortgage Adviser that has access to the whole of market mortgage lending.

They will discuss which Mortgage Lender meets your needs both short term and long term. By the end of the discussion you will clearly understand what you can afford.

2) Discuss with your Mortgage Adviser what price of property you are hoping to find and purchase.

3) Get their agreement on what realistically is the maximum property value you can afford to buy.

Now you can move forward to find a Property Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer that can act for your sale or purchase or both.

To move fast you first need to decide if you need the services of a local Property Solicitor or Conveyancer.

Use the Homebuyer Conveyancer, calculator. This will initially provide the cheapest Conveyancers quotes for your property transaction.

Top Tip

You may need to use a Conveyancer that is approved by your Mortgage Lender. You can use our Mortgage search filter which covers you for that situation.

When you see your results in price order you can then use the toggle button at the top of the page to filter the results which are near to you. You will only see the toggle if you have entered a purchase postcode on the first screen.

Best Value Quotations

1) You now have a selection of Conveyancers, where you can decide which fits your criteria. Pick a Conveyancer and then book a call from them to discuss your quote.  Ask any questions that you may have about your conveyance.

2) You will notice that you can compare in your own time without entering any personal details. 

3) We have made it easy and efficient to find a Homebuyer panel Solicitor.

Some Homebuyers, Investors are on the move and they would prefer to call.

We can help - Please call 0345 463 7664 

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Why Choose Us

The Homebuyer panel provides you with the cost calculation search filters to match your specific legal needs, when it comes to selling, buying residential property or buy to let property investments. Our Lender Solicitors panel cover England and Wales. Your sale and purchase conveyancing prices are fully itemised. No hidden charges. Free No Obligation Advice

First Time Buyer? Need Advice? – Prepare your legal question and book a timed call back from your chosen Conveyancer by using the quote tool.

Alternatively please call us on 0345 463 7664. We are here to help you.

Find your best Lender panel approved Solicitors for your residential New Build, Sale and Purchase, Moving House or Remortgage by using our independent Lender Conveyancing Solicitor near me comparison service. 

Our Service Promise

  • Price Comparison service - No personal details
  • Conveyancing charges - Fully itemised - Include legal fees and disbursements
  • Book a call from your Conveyancer at your requested time
  • Professional Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers that understand your needs
  • Please call us on 0345 463 7664 We will help you find your best conveyancing quotes
  • The Homebuyer Panel are monitored for on time call backs and service delivery. They adhere to a Customer Charter. We value Customer feedback and act on it
  • SRA Regulated Solicitors and CLC Licensed Conveyancers
  • Homebuyers can add the Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance to their quote

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You can get a discount on the following reports.

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