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What's The Secret? No Hidden Conveyancers Fees | Homebuyer Conveyancing

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If you decide to instruct a Conveyancer how do you know what to look for, whats the secret? Review transparent pricing.

The ideal scenario for comparing conveyancing quotes from a Solicitor or Conveyancer

The ideal scenario is that a homebuyer goes online and finds a Solicitor or Licenced Conveyancer that is competitive but has a remit to update the Homebuyer on a regular basis. If problems arise the Homebuyer is given an opportunity to understand what they need to resolve and importantly how they do it. Conveyancing is a complex process where shortcuts rarely exist to get to the satisfactory completion.

How do you make that initial search to instruct your Conveyancer?

There's a few things you want to consider and take into account:

  • You want sale and purchase fixed price conveyancing so that you can compare accurately.
  • You want to understand what the quote covers and what extra fees could be involved.
  • You want to be able to communicate with the Conveyancer on a need to basis.
The reality is ...

Comparison sites were built so that you could compare conveyancing rates. Sounds simple but in reality the only way you can compare is when a Solicitors cost base of disbursements is fixed and not dependent on location. The first obstacle is what does my search pack include and what extras will need to be spent on additional searches?

The Homebuyer panel has worked with OneSearch to produce a search pack that covers England and Wales. That leaves a few searches that are simply postcode dependent and are suggested and recommended by your expert Conveyancer. Examples are Coal and Cornish tin mining searches. These are nominal and including them in ‘one size fits all’ search pack would simply increase costs for the majority of homebuyers without any benefit.

The legal charges for conveyancing are based around certain questions such as, is your property a leasehold? The more complex the process of conveyancing the higher the pricing will be.

Help in understanding your conveyancing

The simple answer to this is always arrange for your chosen Conveyancer to call you and discuss any questions your might have before you instruct. That way if they do not call then you had a lucky escape! When they do call, you can discuss your conveyance and the conveyancer can then confirm if they feel that the quote covers the work involved. When you are happy your questions have been answered, you can then instruct and proceed with the paperwork and contracts required to instruct your chosen conveyancer.

From instruction through to exchange and completion

Once you have instructed your Conveyancer you then may have questions that only come about once the transaction is in progress. With the Homebuyer panel you can click and arrange a call back direct from your expert Conveyancer. That ensures you aren’t in a holding queue on the phone but also that you can expect a call at a time that suits you. Simply ensuring that your questions can be responded to. We know the importance of getting through to your Conveyancer and this simple step approach paves the way for easy communication.

So in summary ..

Do your homework before you instruct a conveyancer and make sure you know what's included in your fixed fee conveyancing quote. Make sure you are getting the best Lender conveyancing deal, but that everything is included.


  • What does my conveyancing quote include?
  • Before you instruct a solicitor or conveyancer, arrange a callback with them and at a time that suits you.
  • Can you speak to your conveyancer when you need to?

We strive to make your house buying, selling or remortgaging conveyance journey stress free and we want you to make informed decisions about who to use and to get the best possible solicitor to act for you.

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