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Wednesday, 29 November 2017 10:12

Convenient Conveyancing, One Search Solicitor | Homebuyer Conveyancing

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No more worrying about where to find a Solicitor, simply use our convenient conveyancing one search tool. No personal details required to review fully detailed quotes.

Find Cheap Property Lawyers Online.

If you need to find cheap Conveyancers near you then use the Homebuyer calculator. 

A free to use service that lets you find a Solicitor by price, location and by Mortgage Lender.

Check out conveyancing purchase quotes without entering any personal details from members of the Homebuyer panel when buying a property.


Best Solicitors Deal

Buying and selling a property is a massive deal fro most. It can be complex, time consuming and at times stressful. 

We at Homebuyer provide a cheap conveyancing solution. You want both service and price combined.

The top priority is to get to exchange of contracts as fast as is possible.

That limits the possibility of getting gazumped. When somebody else puts in a higher offer and the Vendor chooses to break the 'Subject to Survey' agreement with the current Buyer.

A good deal for some is the cheapest, whilst others may want Local expert.

You can find both with us, as the Homebuyer panel consists of over 120 members.

Moving Lawyers Fees

Review moving Conveyancers fees if you are selling and buying property.

We make it easy for you to get a combined sale and purchase quote.

You may want an approved Lender Conveyancer.

A Solicitor that has already met certain legal criteria to be then approved to work for a specific Lender. 

If you instruct a Solicitor that is not on your Mortgage Lender panel then you run the risk of delays and extra costs, should they need to contract out part of the work.

Filter your search by Mortgage Lender.

Homebuyer Calculator

The Homebuyer Conveyancers calculator is ideal for First Time Buyers.

They can browse through the many quotations and determine a budget on what their conveyance will cost.

Then when they can make their move they can revisit the Homebuyer website and select a Lawyer by taking a quote away.

In addition they can book a direct call. 

We make it easy for both Investors and Homebuyers to compare quotes, to then subsequently instruct a Solicitor that works to a fixed price.

Under pressure?

Then do call 0345 463 7664 where we can help you.

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