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Conveyancing Top Tips. Focus On Key Attributes And Characteristics. Must Read

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Must read the Homebuyer Conveyancing top tips. Which key attributes and characteristics should you focus on when choosing a Property Solicitor? Selling on a budget?

Selling A Property On A Budget

If you are selling a property and you want to keep your selling costs down then you will need to do your homework on which Sales Agent can get you the best price for your property. When prices are low sales are faster.

With this in mind, it is all about comparing existing properties on the market in your location with yours.

What do those properties have in the way of usable floor space?

Decoration as we know plays an important part in getting a great price for a property.

With so many Sales Agents saying they can do the best for you, they are all missing one important point.

Which Sales Agent will get you a great price for your property?

Are you in the Driving Seat to get Buyers interested in your property. 

Thinking of selling your house?

See what properties are for sale locally.

Look at the internet photos of the properties that are for sale, inside and out.

What is it that stands out?

What is is that makes you want to look at the next property? (What makes you laugh)

Make notes and get ready to do something to your property.

Sell your property with open eyes. So many people put their property on the market and literally the photos do more harm than good. Everyone is switched off.

No sale then what? You will contact your Sales Agent to see what happen next. Expect to hear, You will need to drop your price. 

Thinking Ahead For The Sales Agent

Start as you mean to go on. You know what needs to be done to your property. It needs to look smart from the road.

The front door needs to have a lick of paint. Grass needs to be neat. The wheelie bins need to move from the front of the property or they need a cover.

When you walk past your house do you now see a great house. Get a second opinion - not the Agent at this stage. Take some photos and choose which ones you like.

That's the outside sorted. Now for the inside.

As you walk from room to room can you clearly identify what each room is used for. Does the room look bright and clean. If you can see the merit in dressing a room to perfection then you will get Buyers.

Now you can contact your Sales Agent. Ok some might have done this earlier.

If you can find a Sales Agent that will provide advice on what needs done to make it a great property then you have found a winner. The Agent wants to sell your house and to get you signed up. In our experience they will say. Why not test the market and sell the house as is.

This formula doesn't work simply because when you test the market, you have now told everyone your starting price. It can only come down unless you are extremely lucky and you get your Buyers in a bidding war for your property.

The real situation is that once you get your house on the market the price sticks, and doing jobs afterwards to entice the Buyer is simply too late.

Which is better an Online Sales Agent or a Local Agent.

You have a price in mind on what your house is worth. Now it is a matter on who can sell the property at that price for you, or close to it and do they have ready Buyers.

Go onto the Agents website. First impressions count just like your house. A good website will attract Buyers. Your instructed Sales agent acts for you. You have appointed them to get the best price for your property. 

The Agent that is forward thinking that knows the market and can provide confidence to you that they are on the ball is the Agent to instruct. Who is doing the viewings?

If you are comfortable with your Sales Agent and they demonstrate that you the Customer comes first then you are onto a winner.

Cheap Selling Agents are around. What can they provide for that cheap price?

You want the best price for your property, You want to know what needs to be done to your property. You want Buyers to keep going back to your house online as it stands out from the rest.

First impressions count, the Sales Agent window. the website, and how you are met or spoken to says it all. Hopefully your Buyers will feel the same. 

Selling property needs to be personable. The online agent that has local knowledge, that sees your house as the best in the street or tells you clearly what needs to be done is thinking of you.

Testing the market is a no no. They either know the market or they don't.

Choosing a Conveyancing Solicitor

The key attribute is that a Solicitor is personable. You want someone you can speak to.

You want to know the cost of conveyancing so get a fixed fee conveyancing quote before you instruct.

You want to make an informed decision on who to use without being pressurised. Unwanted telephone calls is a definite no.

How long will the conveyance take? If they don't know when can they find out?

If they are cheap is it because they are based in a low cost of living area?

Does the search pack cover all Counties in England and Wales or are you going to be asked to pay more?

We Help You Too Ltd manages the National Homebuyer Conveyancing panel.

Each panel Conveyancer provides their fee structure and details what capacity they can manage.

When you are ready you can go online to the Homebuyer Conveyancing quotes price comparison service, compare and review accurate conveyancing quotes by price, location and by Mortgage Lender without entering any personal details.

Then you can make your move by taking a quote away. At the same time you can schedule a call online from your chosen Solicitor. You will have a fixed fee conveyancing quote in front of you.

Transparent conveyancing made possible. You can look forward to discussing your selling conveyancing quote since the quote is accurate and contains your full conveyancing fees and disbursements costs.

Need that little extra comfort?

No problem please do call 0345 463 7664

Where we are hear to help you choose your value for money Conveyancer.

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